Chef Radio Re-Launched with New Cloud Broadcasting Technology on the 10th March 2014

chef radio

Yes! We at Chef Radio have learnt so much since starting chef radio on the 7th November 2014. We made many mistakes during our first few months and learnt so much also.

On the 10th March 2014 we abandoned our old station and grew a great new Chef Radio using the latest digital Cloud Broadcasting technology for a much better and reliable broadcasting service, sound and quality.

Digital radio is the way of the future and FM radio transmissions are planed to be closed in the near future, with the growing use of Smartphones and tablet technology Chef Radio are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to Hospitality Industry for Food, Chefs, Travel, Tourism, News and much more.

We at Chef Radio make it so easy for you to tune in and it will get even easier with technology progressions. Please feel free to tune in and take part in your very own radio station. We are now happy with Chef Radio now and can begin to bring you some great interesting radio broadcasts 24/7 worldwide.

Listen in here and also link here on your Smartphone or Tablet to download all Apple and Google Play Store apps for free here.

If you have a great story or want to chat about your food, new restaurant etc, Please contact Andy Richards at Chef Radio on E-Mail:

Best Regards


Andy Richards (Host/Presenter at Chef Radio)